Body Guard rubberized undercoat sound deadener 9007

Body Guard Undercoat & Sound Deadener

BODY GUARD™ is a fast-drying undercoat that contains no asbestos fiber. High-density rubberized formula dries to the touch in about an hour, leaving behind a tough, flexible coating that will not crack, chip or peel under harsh conditions. BODY GUARD™ non-paintable rubberized undercoat provides superior salt protection and sound deadening, has excellent adhesion to both bare and painted metal and plastic surfaces, and is recommended for rustproofing and hiding repairs. BODY GUARD™ provides a heavy texturized coating that is non-blushing.

Instructions for Use

Safety Data Sheet

oil based rustproofing amber 900905
oil based rustproofing black 900905b

Dripless Oil – Amber & Black

Unlike asphalt and undercoatings that dry, harden and can crack, resulting in trapped moisture and corrosion, DRIPLESS OIL RUSTPROOFING stays moist as it creeps and crawls into hard-to-reach places and forms a perfect moisture barrier. Especially effective in door creases and where two pieces of metal meet. Works great on the steel parts of the bottom of cars such as frame rails, brake springs and emergency cables. For superior rust protection, reapply premium quality DRIPLESS OIL RUSTPROOFING annually. Available in amber & black.

Instructions for Use

Safety Data Sheet

Call 1-800-890-7935 to order

Rub-R shield paintable undercoating rustproofing 9008

Rub-R Shield RUBBER Undercoating

RUB-R-SHIELD™’s 100% rubber undercoating formula dries to the touch in just 15 minutes and is paintable in less than an hour. Leaves behind a flexible, abrasion-resistant coating that seals out road noise, dirt and moisture, and inhibits corrosion. Excellent adhesion on bare or painted metal and plastics. RUB-R-SHIELD™ accepts all automotive paints.

Instructions for Use

Safety Data Sheet

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