Cooling System

Kool Well Advanced Coolant Conditioner

KOOL WELL™ is compatible with all types of coolant. Regular or extended-life coolant will benefit from the addition of an increased alkaline reserve. This keeps the pH of the fluid within an acceptable range, prolonging the life of the coolant. Acid build-up is eliminated, stopping damage to system components. Sludge and other deposit formation is reduced as well.

Tech Sheet

Flush Well Cooling System Flush

Concentrated formula is designed to be used specifically with a coolant flush machine. Over time cooling systems develop a build-up of scale, rust or other corrosion by-products. Left untreated, even a minimal build-up on heat transfer surfaces can radically affect the performance of the cooling system. Safely and effectively removes scale and rust build-up and restores cooling systems to like-new condition.

Tech Sheet