Cooling System

    Flush Well cooling system flush 8007

    Flush Well Cooling System Flush

    Over time, cooling systems develop a build-up of scale, rust or other corrosion by-products. Left untreated, even a minimal build-up on the inside of radiator and other heat transfer surfaces can radically affect performance. Scale and rust build-up restrict coolant flow, resulting in overheating and cooling system failure. FLUSH WELL™ safely restores cooling system performance by flushing away harmful contaminants such as scale deposits, grease, oil residue and rust in just one application. FLUSH WELL™ is completely harmless to all cooling system components. No neutralizer is needed after using FLUSH WELL™.

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    Kool Well advanced cooling system conditioner 8004

    Kool Well Advanced Coolant Conditioner

    Antifreeze becomes depleted of essential additives if not properly maintained. KOOL WELL™ Advanced Coolant Conditioner not only replaces depleted inhibitors, but adds a long-lasting alkaline reserve to the coolant. This keeps the pH of the fluid within an acceptable range, prolonging the life of the coolant. KOOL WELL™ protects against pitting, scaling and corrosion damage, as well as providing maximum heat transfer from coolant. KOOL WELL™ is compatible with all types of coolant, and protects all metal and aluminum parts.

    Instructions for Use

    Safety Data Sheet

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