Well Worth® Lubricants, Greases & Penetrating Oils

Our line of lubricants, greases and penetrating oils are designed to withstand the most extreme environments where friction, temperature, moisture, salt and chemicals are the enemy. Our formulas provide premium performance at an economical price point.

A2Z All-Purpose Lubricant

New VOC improved formula still does so many jobs well, it’s like having your own handyman in a can. In addition to being a quick-acting penetrant, A2Z™ also lubricates, removes moisture and prevents rust.

Big Red

BIG RED™’s aluminum complex base gives this grease its distinctive red color and outstanding properties. Out-performs and out-lasts lithium and calcium greases. Resists acids, alkalies and salt. Withstands extreme pressures, a wide range of temperatures and is 100% waterproof.

Chain Gang Chain & Cable Lubricant

This water-resistant formula foams on to ensure maximum penetration, lubrication and protection of chains and cables. CHAIN GANG™ reduces friction and wear, eliminates corrosion and withstands extreme temperatures.

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    Excel Heavy-Duty Aerosol Anti-Seize

    Copper-rich formula not affected by salt water, acids, solvents, oils, alkalies, gasoline and other chemicals. EXCEL™ assures accurate torquing and easier assembly and disassembly of parts. Effective at temperatures up to 2000°F and pressures in excess of 50,000 psi.

    Excel Heavy-Duty Brush-on Anti-Seize

    The innovative way to dispense anti-seize. Now with a push of the trigger you can dispense just the right amount of anti-seize exactly where you need it.  Less mess and less waste.  Deluxe formula resists temperatures up to 1800F. EXCEL™ contains micro-size copper particles and graphite in a no-melt base. Protects against galling, seizing, corrosion and galvanic action when used during assembly. Guaranteed not to evaporate, separate, harden or fuse to metal even when exposed to extreme heat, freezing temperatures, pressure, steam or water exposure.

    MY-T Grease Aerosol Heavy Duty Synthetic Penetrating Grease

    MY-T GREASE™ sprays on as a clear, watery liquid to easily penetrate tight areas. Chemical, water and saltwater resistant. Withstands pressure and temperature ranges from –30° F to over 600° F.

    Slippery Stuff Silicone Surface Film

    SLIPPERY STUFF™’s premium non-staining formula contains 99% pure high-viscosity silicone that waterproofs, rustproofs and protects. Convenient can sprays in any direction. Safe on plastics and paints. Lightweight propellant is environmentally friendly and contains no CFC’s.

    Versa Lube 100% Silicone Dielectric Grease

    With the touch of a finger you can lubricate and seal. Outperforms and outlasts traditional petroleum, synthetic and lithium greases. Resistant to chemicals and to temperatures over 750°F. Excellent as a brake lubricant.

    White Knight Aerosol White Lithium Grease

    The professional’s choice for all metal-to-metal applications. Non-staining WHITE KNIGHT™ is VOC compliant, safe on paints and plastics and water resistant.

    Laser Space Age Penetrating Oil

    Pinpoint spray head transmits a concentrated blend of pure penetrating power that busts loose rusted bolts, nuts and more. Unique climbing action drills beyond tough rust and attacks corrosion from all angles. LASER™ leaves behind a protective shield to prevent future rust and corrosion.

    Thunderbolt Penetrating Oil

    Like a magnet, ion-activated THUNDERBOLT™ is forcefully drawn beyond heavy rust and corrosion to blast frozen parts free quickly and easily. FOAMS ON, TO STAY ON. Won’t burn off under high temperatures. A special lubricant protects metal surfaces under the most demanding situations.

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