A2Z All Purpose Lubricant

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An all-purpose lubricant and penetrating oil with rust prevention properties. Endless applications for the shop and home.

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Are stuck mechanisms and rusty parts causing you endless frustration? Say goodbye to those headaches and hello to A2Z™All-Purpose Lubricant! In addition to being a quick-acting penetrant, A2Z™ stops squeaks, loosens rusted parts and protects, rustproofs and lubricates metals.

A2Z™ can be used wherever problems of rust, corrosion and moisture exist. Use it to lubricate and protect electronic systems, fans, appliances, sliding metal doors and windows, and more! Excellent for displacing moisture and drying wet ignitions on all motors and equipment.

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Weight 22.75 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 9.5 in


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