auto fluids Trans Kleen automatic transmission cleaner 8009

Trans Kleen Automatic Transmission Cleaner

TRANS KLEEN™ is a concentrated formula that quickly and completely removes accumulated deposits from the valve body, filter screen and other automatic transmission parts. TRANS KLEEN™ is designed for use with an approved power flush and fluid exchange machine.

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auto fluids Trans Vital automatic transmission conditioner 8006

Trans Vital Automatic Transmission Conditioner

Revitalize your transmission fluid with TRANS VITAL™’s concentrated blend of antioxidants and dispersants. Special conditioners keep seals soft and pliable. Highly friction-modified formula keeps transmission shifting properly and valve body free from deposit buildup that hampers fluid flow. For proper preventative maintenance, add TRANS VITAL™ to every new transmission, and as a top off treatment to keep your vehicle shifting smoothly. Great for vehicles under high stress conditions such as pulling trailers, stop-and-go driving and snow plowing.

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