Shop Kleen Parts Cleaner (large)


A fast-drying parts cleaner that quickly dissolves grease, oil and other soils from metal parts and tools. Large size.

Product cannot be shipped to or sold in California.

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SHOP KLEEN™ is a fast-drying, multi-purpose parts cleaner that CONTAINS NO PERCHLOROETHYLENE, TRICHLOROETHANE OR METHYLENE CHLORIDE and is recyclable with waste oil and other recyclable solvents. Deluxe formula quickly dissolves grease, oil, common automotive fluids and other types of soil from metal parts. Use to clean tools, instruments and engine parts. Shop Kleen™ never leaves an oily film. Will not damage plastics, paint or rubber parts when used as directed.

Size: Large

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Weight 22.75 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 9.5 in