Deluxe Wash Kit

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We put together this bundle to make washing your car less “chore” and more “joy”! Everything you need to make your car sparkle.

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Everything you need to make your car sparkle plus our deluxe pail dolly and bucket grate to speed up the washing process and move your bucket with ease: All-Purpose Green Microfiber Towel (pack of 4), All-Purpose Spray Nozzle, Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner, Foaming Surface Cleaner Citrus, a bucket grate, Short Handle Fender Wheel & Tire Brush, Pail (5 gl.), Pail Dolly, Sud’z and Shine Car Soap (1 gl.), and Wash Mitt.

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Want to get a professional-looking car wash without leaving your driveway? Learn how from our blog!

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Weight 408 oz
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 12 in