Fuel Fix RX


An all-season gas treatment and conditioner that prevents ethanol fuel phase separation, eliminates the harmful effects of water and stabilizes fuel. 8 oz. size.

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FUEL FIX RX™ is the all-season hi-tech treatment and conditioner that eliminates the harmful effects of water contamination in all two- and four-cycle engines! Fuel Fix Rx is an organic-based, powerful fuel system stabilizer and cleaner that helps prevent ethanol fuel phase separation.Fuel Fix Rx increases fuel efficiency and power while reducing emissions and engine wear. This powerful multi-purpose formula dissolves gum, varnish and carbon deposits that distort fuel injector spray patterns and damage delicate injector and pump components. Fuel Fix Rx contains no harmful alcohols or emulsifiers and allows your engine to operate as powerfully and efficiently as designed. 8 oz. treats 30 to 60 gallons.

Size: 8 fl. oz.

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Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 6.5 in