Parts Cleaners

Oil Guzzler Degreaser

OIL GUZZLER™ is a special blend of cleaners and dispersants that quickly dissolve grease and oil from engines, transmissions, powertrain components and garage floors. Emulsifying formula cuts through even tough, baked-on grease. Rinses clean down to the bare surface. When used as directed, OIL GUZZLER™ will not damage paint, rubber or wiring.

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A fast-drying cleaner that quickly dissolves grease, oil, and other soils and fluids from metal parts and tools. Contains no 1,1,1, trichloroethane or methylene chloride. SHOP KLEEN™ is non-chlorinated and recyclable with waste oil.

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Task Master

TASK MASTER™ is a fast-acting, and highly effective cleaner that will not damage plastics, rubber, or cured paint. Removes oil, grease, tar and adhesive from metal, vinyl, rubber, plastic and glass. Use TASK MASTER™ to clean surfaces before attaching weather stripping and before applying adhesives to automotive body surfaces to improve adhesions. TASK MASTER™ can also be used to clean metals, engine parts and tools.

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