Parts Cleaners

Oil Guzzler Degreaser

OIL GUZZLER™ is a special blend of cleaners and dispersants that quickly dissolve grease and oil from engines, transmissions, powertrain components and garage floors. Emulsifying formula cuts through even tough, baked-on grease. Rinses clean down to the bare surface. When used as directed, OIL GUZZLER™ will not damage paint, rubber or wiring.

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A fast-drying cleaner that quickly dissolves grease, oil, and other soils and fluids from metal parts and tools. Contains no 1,1,1, trichloroethane or methylene chloride. SHOP KLEEN™ is non-chlorinated and recyclable with waste oil.

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Task Master Cleaning Solvent

TASK MASTER™ is a fast-acting, multi-purpose shop cleaner. This deluxe solvent formula contains no chlorinated solvents and is completely recyclable with waste oil and other recyclable solvents. Will not damage plastics, rubber or cured paint (test in hidden place on freshly painted surfaces before using).

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