Engine & Fuel Additives

Well Worth® Engine & Fuel Additives

The Well Worth® line of engine and fuel additives has been formulated to provide superior cleaning and maintenance for gas and diesel fuel systems.  All products are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients and incorporate proprietary technologies that produce industry-best performance. Our diesel products are designed to meet requirements for low-sulfur clean diesel additives. Our premium gasoline additives are formulated to improve fuel performance, clean fuel systems and eliminate problems caused by ethanol blended fuel.

Brake Fluid DOT 3

Super heavy duty fluid meets or exceeds DOT specifications. Reduces wear on system components. Add to flush machine reservoir during flush service or to brake fluid reservoir when level gets low. Service kits are available, packaged with your favorite size and type brake cleaner. These kits may be used in conjunction with our brake fluid flush machine.

Brake Fluid DOT 4

Super heavy duty fluid meets or exceeds DOT specifications. Reduces wear on system during flush service or to brake fluid reservoir when level gets low. Service kits are available, packaged with your favorite size and type brake cleaner. These kits may be used in conjunction with our brake fluid flush machine.

Flush Well Deluxe Cooling System Flush

Concentrated formula is designed to be used specifically with a coolant flush machine. Over time cooling systems develop a build-up of scale, rust or other corrosion by-products. Left untreated, even a minimal build-up on heat transfer surfaces can radically affect the performance of the cooling system. Safely and effectively removes scale and rust build-up and restores cooling systems to like-new condition.

Kool Well Advanced Coolant Conditioner

Foundation of the EP family of radiator products, KOOL WELLis compatible with all types of coolant. Regular or extended-life coolant will benefit from the addition of an increased alkaline reserve. This keeps the pH of the fluid within an acceptable range, prolonging the life of the coolant. Acid build-up is eliminated, stopping damage to system components. Sludge and other deposit formation is reduced as well.

Stop Well Cooling System Sealer

STOP WELL™ is an all new, organic-based product. The design of this product allows it to stop all component seepage, including intake manifold and cylinder head gaskets, water pumps and thermostats. It will also seal most holes up to an 1/8 inch diameter. This product seals without blocking or restricting coolant flow throughout the system.

Freeze Flow Hi-Tech Cold Weather Diesel Fuel and Conditioner

Use our FREEZE FLOWcold weather treatment to eliminate the need for blended fuel in the winter months. Used as directed, Freeze Flow blended with #2 diesel will lower cold filter plug point, depress pour point, eliminate water, improve lubricity, raise cetane and increase fuel mileage and efficiency better than treating with blended fuel. Treats small and commercial vehicles or bulk fuel.

Ice Breaker Emergency Treatment for Gelled Fuels

ICE BREAKER™ rescue treatment is especially formulated to start to re-liquefy gelled fuels in just twenty minutes with no warming required. Works on diesel and biodiesel fuel.  Ice Breaker’s unique blend of organic solvents dissolve wax and ice crystals that cause fuel to gel.  Use Ice Breaker with complete confidence as it contains NO chlorinated solvents, methanol or other harmful alcohols and can be used in #1, #2, #4 and #6 fuels. Treatment ratio is 32 oz. Ice Breaker to 50 gallons of diesel fuel (1:200).

Injector Pro Clean Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner

A concentrated diesel fuel injector cleaner that meets or exceeds OEM deposit test performance standards, exceeds Cummins engine L-10 superior injector depositing test standard and Cummins N-14 corrosion inhibitor test standard. Works in one tank of fuel to completely clean carbon deposits from turbo charger, EGR valves and intake manifolds. Available in sizes to treat small and commercial vehicles or bulk tanks.

One 4 All Four Season Fuel Treatment and Conditioner

An organic-based product that contains no harmful alcohols. Just eight ounces of this concentrated formula treats 250 gallons. Will eliminate water, clean fuel injectors and pumps, reduce emissions and improve fuel atomization for more power and greater fuel efficiency.

One 4 All With Lubricity Four Season Diesel Fuel Treatment and Conditioner

Keep your expensive diesel equipment protected as the mandatory phase-in of ultra-low sulfur fuel comes into effect. Regular use of ONE 4 ALL WITH LUBRICITY™ adds lubricity to diesel fuels to meet or exceed B.O.C.L.E. and/or H.F.R.R. requirements. Also removes water from fuel and cleans fuel injectors and pumps for greater fuel efficiency and power. Available in different sizes to treat small vehicles, commercial vehicles or bulk fuel.

Summit Total Diesel Treatment

The ultimate diesel treatment. Use SUMMIT™ as directed with straight #2 diesel fuel and get greater protection to a lower temperature at less cost than blended fuel. Summit improves the lubricity of low and ultra low sulfur fuels, removes water, contains powerful anti-gel compounds, cleans the fuel system, improves the cetane rating, and creates premium diesel fuel. Treats small and commercial vehicles or bulk fuel.

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    e-Flush Engine Oil Cleaner

    E-FLUSH™ engine oil cleaner improves engine performance in just one treatment. Concentrated formula safely flushes sludge, varnish deposits and contaminants from oil passages, screens, hydraulic lifters, rocker arms and other critical engine parts. For gasoline, diesel and LPG engines. Crankcase deposits are dissolved and flushed out when old oil is drained. Maximizes lubrication and reduces emissions. Use alone or with an engine flush machine.

    EOA Essential Oil Additive

    EOA™ essential oil additive’s formula fortifies all types of quality motor oils (synthetic, standard, diesel) to maintain peak engine performance even under stress. EOA stabilizes oil, prevents sludge formation and keeps the entire engine and its components clean for extended engine life. Friction modifiers reduce wear on critical engine parts to increase fuel economy, extend bearing life and quiet noisy engines. Also raises the thermal stability of engine oil which is critical in today’s hotter-running engines. Use each oil change or when fluid is low.

    EOA-D Essential Oil Additive

    Many shops are choosing to carry just one type of oil and are opting for CJ4 Oil because of its requirement in particulate trap engines. CJ4 oil lacks some of the additives that were in the CI4 oil and therefore it does not offer the same protection. Adding EOA-Drestores protection to non-particulate trap engines now using CJ4 and enhances protection and performance levels of CI4 oil.  One quart treats fifteen quarts of oil.

    Fuel Fix Rx Gas Treatment and Conditioner

    FUEL FIX RX™ is the all-season hi-tech treatment and conditioner that eliminates the harmful effects of water contamination in all two- and four-cycle engines! Fuel Fix Rx is an organic-based, powerful fuel system stabilizer and cleaner that helps prevent ethanol fuel phase separation.Fuel Fix Rx increases fuel efficiency and power while reducing emissions and engine wear. This powerful multi-purpose formula dissolves gum, varnish and carbon deposits that distort fuel injector spray patterns and damage delicate injector and pump components. Fuel Fix Rx contains no harmful alcohols or emulsifiers and allows your engine to operate as powerfully and efficiently as designed.

    Octi-Plus Multi-Functional Gas Additive

    OCTI-PLUS™ multi-functional gas additive provides excellent cleaning, water removal and stabilization for all gasoline-powered vehicles and equipment. It cleans carburetors, port fuel injectors, direct injection fuel systems, intake valves and combustion chamber deposits. Octi-Plus is an “A” rated engine and storage tank corrosion inhibitor. Also inhibits bacteria and fungi growth in fuel and slows engine oil sludge formation. Octi-Plus completely eliminates water problems in fuel through dispersion technology, a more effective method than traditional methanol or isopropyl dry gases. Octi-Plus will eliminate 75% of its own volume of water. EPA and CARB approved.

    PowerUp Intake & Combustion Chamber Cleaner

    POWERUP™ dissolves performance-robbing deposits and restores lost power fast! If you have more than 5,000 miles on your car or regularly use a lower quality gas, you no longer experience the same power and performance you did when your car was new. As intake valve deposits gradually build up this can result in sluggish performance and problems such as hesitation and stalling. With just one treatment, PowerUp cleans intake valves, injectors and combustion chambers while eliminating harmful fuel sender deposits.

    Xcelerate Advanced Fuel Injector Cleaner

    XCELERATE™ is a potent cleaner that dissolves power-robbing deposits from fuel injectors in just one tank of fuel. Removes intake valve deposits and cleans the fuel system as you drive. Eliminates sluggish performance, hard starting and stalling. Reduces the need for higher octane fuel and helps improve fuel mileage. Use in all carburetor and fuel injected engines.

    75W – 90 Premium Synthetic Gear Oil

    Looking for a true synthetic gear oil product? Many may claim to be fully synthetic but customers find out differently after experiencing gelling in colder temperatures. But our new 75W-90 fully synthetic gear oil additive is thermal protective at both ends of the spectrum and exceeds all specs including the GL-6.

    75W – 140 Premium Synthetic Gear Oil

    Use this heavy-duty oil in all differentials and manual transmissions where GL-5 gear oil is recommended.  75W-140 meets or surpasses all requirements of the API designation, GL5, the MIL-2105E spec, SAEJ2360, the Mack GO-J spec and also Eaton and Rockwell. Reduces moisture and prevents corrosion. Needs no additional packages for limited-slip applications.

    Multi-Functional Gear Additive

    Our gear additive benefits all differential and manual transmissions. Specifically formulated to improve lubrication and load-bearing characteristics, as well as shear and thermal stability.  Reduces foaming and lowers pour point, plus helps protect components from water. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL GEAR ADDITIVE will raise the quality of your oil towards synthetic oil standards.

    Fresh Vent For Air/Heat Duct Systems & Interiors

    Cleans and neutralizes foul odors from air/heat duct systems and interiors. More than just a cover-up, FRESH VENT™ freshens foul-smelling systems at their source. Removes a variety of odors including mold, mildew and algae to leave behind a “factory fresh” interior.

    Kleen Vent A/C Evaporator Treatment

    KLEEN VENT™ A/C foaming evaporator cleaner works fast to remove odors. Helps sanitize the evaporator and assist in protecting against future growth of mildew and fungus. Shown here with hose adapter, sold separately (VT008).

    Mist’r Fresh Total Treatment for the Vehicle Ventilation System

    Today’s busy lifestyles mean we are spending more time inside our vehicles than ever. People eat, drink, cough and sneeze inside their vehicles leaving behind an invisible coating of germs and contaminants. Couple this with the moist environment of the ventilation system where mold and bacteria easily grow and are spread throughout the vehicle’s interior and you have one of the most unhealthy breathing environments anywhere! But with a single application of MIST’R FRESH you can bring your vehicle interior back to a “like new” condition. Treats the total ventilation system including the evaporator, heater core, air ducts and interior surfaces.  Although  Mist “R Fresh is safe to use on all interior vehicle surfaces (leather, cloth, plastic, glass, rubber, etc.) we recommend spot-testing before use.

    Sub Zero Biodegradable Air Conditioning System Lubricant

    Advanced formula is compatible with all A/C systems. Lubricates, neutralizes acids and removes moisture from all PAG, ester, paraffin and mineral-based oil. SUB ZERO™ has friction modifiers that reduce compressor operating noise and increase system efficiency. The addition of a fluorescent dye package enables leaks to be easily detected with a black light.

    Battery Service Kit

    KLEEN SEEK™ (101702) is used to detect acid leaks and clean battery connections. LIFE GUARD™ (300302) is applied and then BATTERY PADS (600) are installed to seal and protect battery connections from corrosion.

    Brake System Service Kit

    State-of-the-art fluid exchange equipment is used to completely remove the old and contaminated fluid from the system. BRAKE FLUID DOT 4, which meets or exceeds OEM specifications, is used to fill the system.

    Cooling System Service Kit

    FLUSH WELL™ (8007) is added to the cooling system to safely clean and remove rust and deposits. Coolant is removed using state-of-the-art fluid exchange equipment. New coolant is added that meets and/or exceeds OEM specifications. The system is topped off with KOOL WELL™ advanced coolant conditioner (8004) which helps prevent future acid, sludge and other deposit build-up.

    HVAC System Service Kit

    SUBZERO™ (3014) is added to refrigerant system to restore lubrication protection, neutralize acids, remove moisture, and add dye to system for future leak detection. FRESH VENT™ (3011) is administered to ventilation system to eliminate odors.

    Power Steering System Service Kit

    POW’R FLUSH™ (8014) is added to the system and the vehicle is brought up to operating temperature to safely remove moisture and contaminants. State-of-the-art fluid exchange is utilized to completely remove the old contaminated fluid from the system. POWER STEERING FLUID (8016), which meets or exceeds OEM specifications, is used to fill the system.

    Transmission System Service Kit

    TRANS KLEEN™ (8009) is introduced to the transmission fluid and then brought up to operating temperature to safely remove sludge deposits and other contaminants. State-of-the-art fluid exchange equipment is utilized to completely remove the contaminated fluid from the transmission and torque convertor. New transmission fluid that meets or exceeds OEM specifications is added. The system is topped off with TRANS VITAL™ (8006) which maintains a high level of friction modification to keep your transmission running smoothly and increases the thermal stability of the transmission fluid, thus increasing its usable life.

    Power Steering Fluid and Conditioner

    Redesigned high-performance fluid is a complete replacement fluid for most power steering systems. Special additives enhance POWER STEERING FLUID’s performance, reducing friction and wear in steering pumps and rack assemblies. Pump noise is reduced, chattering and squeals are eliminated and steering operation effort is returned to normal levels. Compatible with import and US vehicles.

    Pow’r Flush Power Steering Rack and Pinion Cleaner

    Designed to be used specifically in conjunction with a power steering flush machine. POW’R FLUSH™ safely cleans system of debris and contaminated lubricants. Dissolves hard, burned-on varnish deposits to allow components to move freely. Also comes packaged in our Preventative Maintenance Kits to provide additional cleaning and service options.

    Synthetic Power Steering Fluid and Conditioner

    In response to engine requirements, Well Worth® now offers a SYNTHETIC POWER STEERING FLUID AND CONDITIONER. This premium quality fluid is specially formulated to meet or exceed the warranty requirements of all major manufacturers of most automobile and truck power steering systems including Honda, Hyundai PF-3, Audi P/N G002000, Mercedes P/N 00 989 8803, Saab P/N  30 09 800 and more. Special additives enhance the performance of this fluid, reducing friction and wear in steering pumps and rack assemblies. Pump noise is reduced, chattering and squeals are eliminated and steering operation effort is returned to normal levels. Also minimizes sludge and varnish deposits. This fluid provides excellent wear protection to extend power steering system life and is compatible with all power steering fluids.

    Trans Kleen Automatic Transmission Cleaner

    Concentrated formula is designed to be used with an approved power flush and fluid exchange machine. TRANS KLEEN™ safely removes deposits from the valve body, filter screen and other transmission parts. Comes packaged in our Preventative Maintenance Kits to provide additional cleaning and service options.

    Trans Vital Automatic Transmission Conditioner

    Part of the EP family of products, this all-new formula is specially designed to be compatible with all types of transmission fluids, including Mercon V, Chrysler ATF + 4, and Honda fluid. TRANS VITAL™ is designed to increase the thermal stability of transmission fluid, thereby increasing its usable life. Maintains a high level of friction modification to keep your transmission running smoothly.

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