Well Worth® Detail Products

Whether your goal is quality, economy, potency or just “fast and easy,” our custom formulations will fit your needs.  With product solutions to solve any clean-up the professional or DIYer might encounter, our line is perfect for volume detailing, new car prep or used car reconditioning.  Each product is field-tested before it’s added to our line to ensure it will meet the approval of even the most demanding user.  Most products are available in a variety of sizes ranging from quarts to bulk economy sizes.

Fabri-Foam Fabric and Velour Spot Cleaner

Special cleaners, suspended in a mostly dry foam, gently and expertly clean without allowing the area to become soaked. Use on all types of velour, fabric and carpet surfaces. FABRI-FOAM™ comes in a handy upside down spray can in two formulas: original and one fortified with D-Limonene.

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     1004 Original

     1051 Citrus

    Foaming Surface Cleaner

    A foaming degreaser/cleaner available in two formulas: original pine and fortified with D-Limonene. Both products instantly clean and degrease a variety of soils on any horizontal or vertical vinyl, plastic or hard surface. Biodegradable formula is non-corrosive, non–caustic and contains no CFC’s.

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       1005 Original

       1011 Citrus

      Big D Air Fresheners

      Small aerosol can is packed with enough punch to fog an entire interior or to just spot-treat a trouble area. Available in berry (90941), cinnamon (90942), mountain air (90944), new car (90943) or sunburst (90945).

      Odor Medic

      Fast-acting odor neutralizer is specifically designed to be used where odor elimination is required with little or no residual scent allowed. ODOR MEDIC is not an air freshener but instead an odor eliminator that gets rid of pet, tobacco and other tough odors inside all types of vehicle interiors.

      Wipe Out Odor Eliminator

      Spray WIPE OUT™ directly on carpets, under seats and into air vents to freshen the air. Quickly eliminates most odors by destroying the sources that cause them (bacteria, mold or mildew). Available in fresh ‘n clean fragrance.

      Wipe Out Clean & Fresh

      Wipe Out Cherry 2140

      Aqua Sudz Car Wash

      Premium concentrated liquid soap has special foam enhancers to create mountains of suds that last from one wash to the next. AQUA SUDZ™ cuts through tough dirt and grease, but won’t harm a protective wax finish.

      Hydra Bead Hi-Gloss Drying Aid

      HYDRA BEAD™ is a hi-gloss drying aid with special beading action to shed water for fast drying action. For detailers and car washes. Ready-to-use formula leaves a high shine.



      Powder Keg Concentrated Powdered Car Soap

      Concentrated powdered car soap. Non-alkaline, p- balanced formula rinses spot free, leaves no residue and won’t strip wax. POWDER KEG™ creates a rich, sudsy lather that lasts and lasts. Economical to use.

      Sud’z and Shine Wash ‘n Wax Liquid Car Soap

      Wash and wax liquid soap that leaves a high shine finish. Concentrated, thick shampoo mixes with water and produces a rich sudsy lather. SUD’Z AND SHINE™ rinses spot free to leave a clean, just-waxed look on any vehicle.

      Super Sudz Concentrated Car Soap

      Concentrated professional liquid soap. Non-alkaline, pH-balanced formula will not streak. SUPER SUDZ™ is an economical, high-suds car wash that mixes with water, leaves no residue and rinses to a clean spot free surface.

      T-N-T Premium Truck Wash

      Specially formulated for the types of soils found on tractor trailers, buses, delivery trucks, etc., due to diesel soot and extended road time. Concentrated, non-caustic T-N-T™ is a lower-foam soap and safe to use on polished surfaces.

      Tunnel Wax Drying Aid for Automatic Car Wash Systems

      This super-concentrated car wash rinse and drying aide offers high beading action for fast drying and prevents water spots. TUNNEL WAX™ contains no waxes or silicones. Leaves a wax-like protective finish. Economical to use.

      W3 Waterless Wash & Wax

      W3™ waterless wash and wax is an easy-to-use quick detail product. Spray on, gently rub in and wipe off! W3 cleans and polishes without water, virtually anywhere, anytime. VOC compliant, NPE free and phosphate free W3 is a fast, safe and biodegradable alternative to soap and water. Leaves surface with a sparkling clean shine.

      Wash and Wax Premium Liquid Car Soap

      Well Worth’s WASH AND WAX Premium Liquid Car Soap saves you time and money, delivering best-in-class cleaning and shine at a value price. Formulated with premium glossifiers that delivery a deep-down clean but leave painted, fiberglass and glass surfaces with a super slick finish. Use our WASH AND WAX Premium Car Soap on all exterior automotive surfaces to maintain a clean, shiny surface with less upkeep.

      Black Beauty Rubber Treatment

      Ready-to-use conditioner that’s water-resistant and leaves a durable satin finish. BLACK BEAUTY™ rejuvenates rubber to like-new condition by removing oxidized rubber, paint over spray, powdered wax and polish residue. Restores blackness and flexibility.

      Black Beauty Non Silicone Rubber Treatment

      Ready-to-use conditioner that’s water resistant and leaves a durable satin finish. BLACK BEAUTY™ aerosol rejuvenates rubber to like-new condition by removing oxidized rubber, paint over spray, powdered wax and polish residue. Restores blackness and flexibility.

      Dazzle Water Base Silicone Dressing

      Ready-to-use water base white silicone emulsion dressing. DAZZLE™ won’t attract dust. Use on interior vinyl, vinyl tops/covers.

      Double Dazzle Vinyl / Leather Protectant

      Concentrated water base blue silicone emulsion dressing. Water-resistant coating acts like a solvent without the expense. No-stick finish won’t attract dust. DOUBLE DAZZLE™ is ideal for interior vinyl.

      Flash Silicone Conditioning Coating

      Solvent silicone coating. FLASH™ conditions any vinyl or rubber surface fast. Leaves behind a water-resistant, satin finish.

      Flash Plus High Gloss Silicone Coating

      FLASH PLUS™ contains extra glossifiers to condition rubber or vinyl. Leaves a lasting, high-gloss, water-resistant shine.

      Leather Lustre Leather Cleaner and Beautifier

      LEATHER LUSTRE conditioner and beautifier keeps leather soft and smooth. Leather Lustre is non-sticky and dries quickly. Cleans, beautifies and protects fine leather in one easy step.

      Super Blue Dress Well Protective Coating

      SUPER BLUE DRESS WELL solvent silicone coating dries quickly and leaves a satin finish on any exterior or interior rubber, vinyl or plastic surface. Ready to use, this superior silicone content formula delivers performance and value. Super Blue Dress Well penetrates and protects surfaces to prevent drying, cracking and discoloration.



      200931, 200935C

      Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner

      Premium formula cuts through the toughest dirt, grease and grime with ease. Non-detergent formula will never streak, smear, haze or leave a film when used as directed. Use for a streak-proof finish on windows, mirrors, stainless steel, chrome and other hard shiny surfaces.

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        Plexall Plastic & Tinted Glass Cleaner

        Ammonia-free cleaner is the perfect product for plexi-glass and tinted window films. Won’t scratch or discolor surfaces. Repels dust and contains anti-static and anti-fogging agents to help keep glass surfaces sparkling clear.

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          Streak Free 30 Concentrated Glass Cleaner

          Economical, concentrated cleaner for glass, mirrors and chrome. STREAK FREE 30™ contains no ammonia or soap. Leaves glass sparkling.

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            Streak Free RTU Glass Cleaner

            Economical, ready-to-use glass cleaner. STREAK FREE RTU™ contains no soap or ammonia. Leaves glass, mirrors and chrome sparkling clean.

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              Citra Safe Citrus Degreaser

              CITRA SAFE™ concentrated citrus base cleaner mixes up to 1:20 with water for a lower cost per use. Biodegradable, non corrosive formula contains no harsh solvents. Safe on all metals and washable surfaces. For use on interiors, exteriors and upholstery.

              Citrus Surface Cleaner RTU

              This ready-to-use formula is biodegradable, VOC compliant, non-corrosive and non-caustic. CITRUS SURFACE CLEANER RTU™ instantly cleans vinyl, plastic and hard surfaces. Leaves behind a pleasant orange fragrance.

              Citrus Surface Cleaner RTU (all sizes)

              Citrus Surface Cleaner RTU (5 gl)

              Ecokleen Neutral Biodegradable Degreaser

              ECOKLEEN NEUTRAL™ is a pH-neutral product that gently but thoroughly cleans all types of washable surfaces. This low-odor and non-caustic formula works quickly to penetrate grease, dirt and grime. Concentrated Ecokleen Neutral is economical to use and can be diluted 30 parts water to one part product.



              Enzyme All Purpose Concentrated Interior Cleaner

              A super-concentrated, low-foam, free-rinsing, quick-acting cleaner with enzyme for fast interior and exterior cleaning and deodorizing. ENZYMER ALL PURPOSE™ eliminates odors caused by dampness, mildew, mold, food, urine and organic matter.



              Hot Stuff Concentrated Cleaner / Degreaser

              Super-concentrated, heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser. Use HOT STUFF™ on interiors, exteriors, as a tire cleaner or for pressure washer and floor cleaning applications. Removes dirt, grease, and road film in one step. Can be diluted as needed with water.

              Power Blast Concentrated Premium All Purpose Cleaner

              POWER BLAST™ offers a new dimension in all-purpose cleaners. This cutting-edge formula is biodegradable and phosphate free. Cleans better and rinses easily to remove a variety of soils, greases and stains. Concentrated formula can be diluted as needed. Leaves a fresh lemon scent.

              Power Blitz All Purpose Cleaner

              Our most popular all-purpose cleaner/degreaser, POWER BLITZ™ is an extra-performance, water-based product that may be used safely on many interior and exterior surfaces. Biodegradable formula is concentrated and may be diluted as required to meet specific cleaning needs.

               Power Blitz

              Power Blitz (R)

               Power Blitz NC/NF

              Purple Max Biodegradable Degreaser

              Concentrated cleaner/degreaser removes dirt and sludge. PURPLE MAX™ is ideal for interior or exterior use and as a floor cleaner. Concentrated formula can be diluted with water up to 1:30. Great for pressure washer and floor-cleaning applications.

              Slugger All Purpose Cleaner / Degreaser

              Biodegradable, fast-acting cleaner/degreaser. Ideal for interiors and exterior use. Safe on cloth and all washable surfaces. Great for hand or machine application. Low per-use cost because SLUGGER™ is concentrated and mixes up to 1:30 with water.

              Extractor Interior Shampoo

              EXTRACTOR™ is a concentrated, low-foaming extraction fluid formulated to safely remove dirt and grease from all types of carpeting and upholstery. Use with an extractor machine or by hand. Extractor cleans deep and leaves a brightened fabric and a pleasing scent. Extractor’s non-caustic formula features deep cleaning surfactants with color brighteners. Body shop safe Extractor contains no phosphates or NPE and is safe for use on most interior fabrics and metals. Low per-use cost because it can be diluted with water up to 1:10.

              Fallout and Iron Remover

              FALLOUT AND IRON REMOVER chemically loosens iron particles embedded in painted and other surfaces, allowing contaminates to be washed away. Fallout and Iron Remover’s formula clings to vertical surfaces to break down bonded ferrous (iron) contaminants that have penetrated into the surface. Removes embedded contaminants that can harm your paint’s finish that clay can leave behind. Leaves a deep-cleaned surface. Its color-changing technology allows you to see the impurities melting away.

              Guzzler Grease & Sludge Solvent Cleaner

              Ready-to-use solvent cleaner. GUZZLER™ easily removes sludge and dirt. Use to clean tough, baked-on grease and oil from engines, transmissions, powertrain components and garage floors.

              PFC Powdered Floor Cleaner

              Concentrated non-caustic powdered floor cleaner. PFC™ removes grease, heavy soil and dirt and leaves no residue.

              Resurrect Rug and Fabric Shampoo

              Concentrated rug/fabric shampoo. RESURRECT™ deep cleans to remove dirt and grease from cloth, velour, carpets and vinyl.

              Salt Neutralizer

              Removes stubborn salt stains from carpets and mats quickly and easily. SALT NEUTRALIZER is perfect for car mats, carpets and fabrics stained by road salt. Spray-on or use with a carpet cleaning machine.

              Sap Zapper Tree Sap & Bug Remover

              Penetrates and softens tree sap and bugs for easy removal. Solvent base SAP ZAPPER™ dries fast. Sap can be removed from painted surfaces as well as, plastic, rubber and glass. Safe to use on clear coats.

              Super Sol Body Prep Solvent

              Fast-acting solvent cleaner. SUPER SOL™ removes tar, wax, grease and adhesives from hard surfaces. Use to “spot dry-clean” upholstery or fabrics of grease, ink, etc. Dries quickly, leaves no residue.

              W-600 Industrial Floor Cleaner

              W-600™ is an industrial-strength concentrated liquid floor cleaner. Formulated to quickly penetrate and remove dirt, oils and grease from all concrete surfaces. Use in industrial plants, new or used car lots and garages. W-600 dissolves, loosens, and suspends grease allowing it to be rinsed away.

              First Place Race Wax

              FIRST PLACE™ race wax does it all. In one easy step, this wax cleans, polishes and protects just about any surface including lexan, metal and fiberglass. Deluxe formula removes rubber, asphalt, tire scuff marks, tar, grease and road film. Imparts a long-lasting brilliant shine. Recommended for cleaning and protecting all types of finishes.

              Glitzz Body Shop Safe Metal Polish

              GLITZZ™ is a fast, deep-cleaning, wipe-on/wipe-off formula that safely cleans, shines and protects chrome, stainless steel and most other metals. Glitzz easily removes tarnish, rust, corrosion, brake dust and stubborn dirt and grime. Formula contains no ammonia, will not scratch metals and leaves a brilliant reflective luster.

              Grand Finale Showroom Spray Wax

              Just spray on and wipe off already-waxed surfaces to keep glass and paint surfaces sparkling. GRAND FINALE™ is body shop safe.

              Optima 1200 Polishing Compound

              OPTIMA™ 1200 polishing compound uses nano polishing abrasives to remove 1200 grit and finer sand scratches. Non-gritty, low splatter and sling formula is easy to use and easy to clean up.  Leaves a smooth high gloss finish. Body shop safe and VOC compliant.

              Optima 1500 Polishing Compound

              OPTIMA™ 1500 polishing compound uses nano polishing abrasive to remove 1500 grit and finer sanding scratches. Non-gritty, low splatter and low sling formula is easy to use and easy to clean up. Leaves a smooth high gloss finish.

              Optima 2000 Polishing Compound

              OPTIMA™ 2000 polishing compound uses nano polishing abrasive to remove 2000 grit and finer sanding scratches. Non-gritty, low splatter and low sling formula is easy to use and easy to clean up. Leaves a smooth high gloss finish.

              Optima Glaze 1 Step Cleaner Wax

              Non-abrasive one step cleaner/wax. OPTIMA GLAZE™ cleans, polishes and protects basecoat and clearcoat paint finishes.

              Pearlescence 1 Step Cleaner / Wax Protector

              Silicone formula with PTFE and carnauba wax produces a durable, gloss finish in one step. The addition of micro cleaners to PEARLESCENCE™ helps remove light scratches and oxidation.

              Poly Guard Polymer Paint Sealant

              Our professional paint sealant POLY GUARD™ is easy to use with long-lasting benefits. With just one application, Poly Guard extends the life of new and used vehicle finishes against harmful UV rays, weathering and environmental damage. Poly Guard offers the latest technology including RF-401 amino-functional polymer resins, Teflon and gloss bonding silicones which form a tough, glass-like outer shield that offers very durable protection. Ask about our micro-fiber towels when ordering Poly Guard to help enhance any job you do.

              Solid Gold Carnauba Paste Wax

              SOLID GOLD™ uses a top grade of carnauba wax, cleaners and polymers to produce a rich shine that stands up to all types of harsh weather conditions for months. Easy on, easy off.

              Speedy Shine Instant Detailer

              SPEEDY SHINE™ instant detailer’s nano-technology cleaners and polymers quickly remove dust, smudges and fingerprints from painted surfaces, glass, mirrors and chrome. Speedy Shine’s wipe-on-wipe-off formula works on all paint types to produce a bright, glossy, protective shine. Speedy Shine is VOC compliant, NPE-free and phosphate-free.

              Swirl Free Body Shop Safe High Performance Machine Polish

              SWIRL FREE™ high performance machine polish quickly and effectively removes compound swirl marks and scratches, levels imperfections and leaves a glassy smooth finish. Body Shop Safe and VOC compliant formula produces little sling or splatter for easy clean-up.

              Aluminate Concentrated Aluminum Cleaner

              Concentrated acid-based cleaner and brightener. Use ALUMINATE™ on wire, chrome, mag and aluminum wheels. Removes road tar, road film, tough grime and rust in one step.

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                2074 (R)

                Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner

                Use our NON-ACID WHEEL CLEANER™ on painted aluminum, chrome and wire wheels. Cleans tires and wheels in one step. Low-pH formula quickly and easily cuts through brake dust, dirt, grease and grime, and removes yellow brake dust staining on rims. Our Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner offers the same quick cleaning results of acid wheel cleaners without the dangerous health risks.

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                  Show Wheels Acid Wheel Cleaner

                  Our strongest acid-based wheel cleaner/brightener. SHOW WHEELS™ is super concentrated to remove tough road tar, road film and brake dust without scrubbing. Use on wire, chrome, mag and aluminum wheels.

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                    2009 (R)

                    Tire Brite Concentrated Whitewall Tire Cleaner

                    Powerful, fast-acting, high-alkaline TIRE BRITE™ cleans and brightens tires, whitewalls and raised lettering with minimal scrubbing.

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                      Wheel & Paint Cleaner

                      Wheel & Paint Cleaner dissolves brake dust, embedded iron particles and chemical fallout on wheels and painted body surfaces. When sprayed onto surfaces, Wheel & Paint Cleaner turns red in color indicating the rust and iron particles are dissolving. After 3-5 minutes, rinse contaminants away and wash as usual.

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